Thanks for your patience!

Hello again!

It’s high time I popped back in to let you know that I’m still here, I have just been taking a break from blogging to focus elsewhere. While the website is here (obviously, because you’re on it if you’re reading this!) there are still a few aesthetic things I’m ironing out.

If you missed it, there was a short and awkward video over on my Facebook where I made a few announcements.

To sum it up:

-Tricia Mingerink & Jaye L. Knight (authors whose books I adore) are both releasing novels in December, and will be doing character chats (what fun!) with characters from Ilyon & Acktar! AHHHH! The books: Bitter Winter and companion novella Lacy on December 14 and Decree on December 18.

This was not mentioned in the video, but there will also be a blog tour, so I’ll try to share some links on Facebook for some of those when they are up. Blog tours can be fun, so look for those posts!

-I’m preparing a short story for you, my dear newsletter subscribers! 😀 It will be an allegorical fantasy short story, about a spoiled young woman who is tied to an arranged engagement. If you would like to read this short story when it is available (no dates yet, sorry, but Lord willing by the end of December it will be done), you can go to the Newsletter tab above and fill out the quick form to subscribe. *I do not share your information with anyone. If you’re wondering what the newsletter entails you can go to the Contact tab, and it will tell you the essentials of my newsletter. I promise not to spam you cuz I’m not a fan of spam either, unless it is served with green beans and potatoes. I will tell you that’s a one of those love it or hate it meals. (Can you tell it’s almost dinner time for me?)

-I’m leaving the blog, and moving to this website. The blog won’t be shut down, but I’m making sure to give everyone plenty of notice for this move so no one is left behind. 🙂

Okay, I’m starving now and thanks for reading this quick and informal blog post!