Though We Bleed

Though We Bleed, by Twenty Hills Publishing, releases on July 4, 2024 featuring multiple authors including Anne J. Hill, Lara E. Madden.
Freedom comes with a price. This collection of stories and poems by multiple authors depicts the struggle between the desire for comfort and the willingness to sacrifice. Whether contending for personal freedom from trauma or addiction, for the security of families and loved ones, or for society's liberation from tyranny and lies, the fight is always worth the sacrifices it demands.
The king of the underworld must decide between remaining with his family or setting sail to end a war. A group of women sacrifice everything to save books in a world gone mad. In the thick of a storm, pirates face off with Calypso and her armies. After a car crash that renders a woman paralyzed, a young man spends his days trying to redeem himself. Risking her entire career, a prisoner travels back in time to save someone who broke her heart. A woman struggles with the realization that she’s an author’s creation. Shut away in the safety of his tower, an old man is challenged to leave by a peasant boy who needs his help. A teen boy discovers a mermaid locked in a book and faces a life-altering choice. Everyday people fight against their own sins and oppressions to learn the art of sacrifice and what true freedom looks like.

My underground Little Mermaid twist is included inside this fearless collection.

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Releasing December 1st, 2023 from Quill & Flame Publishers, authors Brittany Eden and Brigitte Cromey have collaborated to bring you Crowns, a royal-themed anthology, which features a fantasy romance novella by Brigitte Cromey and a curated collection of short stories, flash fiction, poetry, photography, and art. And we believe in creativity with a cause: for this anthology, any author profits will go directly to the global non-profit International Justice Mission (IJM) which works to end modern slavery and trafficking.

My short story, The Light We Need, is included within.

A lost princess. A desperate soldier. A kingdom on the edge of war, divided by mist and lies. and a crown of truth.

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A Proper Good Nightmare

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Instead of waiting for her fairy godmother, Sindrel takes matters into her own hands and decides to frighten her step-mother out of the estate using a dream-glass from the local market.

Unfortunately, she has been given a lame, not scary dream-glass, and now must exchange it for a "proper good one".

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A FREE short story prequel to meet my angsty ink chilluns Ember and Ice, their burning Michigan-inspired world, and dragon-like motorcycles.

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