My Story

Fear holds a power over of we can’t always describe or understand. It is a unique cage that keeps us reaching our potential, and even from things that we do want to do.

Much of my teens and early twenties I wasted time running from things that made me afraid, and it ended up crushing me under its weight. I didn’t understand what I was meant to do in this life, but words, and The Word, always called out to me. I floundered in college, because my heart wanted to write but my head told me it was too great a risk.

Every morning, I would rise early for work and ask myself "Why am I doing this?" On the way home from my job I would wonder, "What is the point?" Growing up in a Christ-centered home offered me the tools to answer these questions, but the simple "for His glory" answer felt like a cop-out to me. There had to be more.

I was at a dead end when, after lots of reflection and prayer, I learned that the only thing holding me back from this "more" was my own fear. I took a leap of faith, and spiraled into a tornado of changes. Through it all, I grasped the understanding that I couldn't be who God wanted me to be unless I stopped running and faced my fears head on.

When I made that choice to face my fears instead, I suddenly felt this unspeakable joy, a deep reassurance that this was the right thing. I allowed change to happen in my life, and it hurt. A lot. It left scars, but it also left me with an incredible peace that I can't describe. Some things are beyond words. Sometimes peace comes from pain. The most memorable stories we hold are built on that hard-won peace.

Story has the power to inspire us and encourage us to think deeper. God, in His divine wisdom, gave us His instructions for us in the form of a story because He knew that truth.

My stories are born of those fears deep inside me, transformed into faith alive. My hope is that these stories will inspire you to unlock your courage and reach for your purpose, dreaming with hope, humbleness, joy and intentionality.

Adventure and suspense are the spice to every story that I write, but I'm also overwhelmed by God's creativity and vast love. I want to share with you fantastical and adventurous literature that also shows the value of living a God-glorifying life. Yes, I would like to know more!

Five fun things to know about me:

  • I adore animals. Whether furred, feathered or scaled, I want them.
  • I collect Star Wars Legend timeline novels.
  • My house is Hufflepuff or Thunderbird
  • I invented a language for one of my novels. (Disclaimer- it's going to be a while before this ink baby is visible to the world.)
  • My favorite Marvel movie is Endgame

Three Things I believe:

  • I believe in Jesus Christ, the third person of the Holy Trinity, as my personal Savior and Lord.
  • I believe we are each given unique spiritual gifts that can be used for His glory.
  • I believe that creative writing can be God-glorifying and edifying, be not just "fun." Literature can serve a greater purpose: to inspire others to make Godly choices and model themselves after uprightness.

Cool, I would like my free story!

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Lord of the Rings


Star Wars

The Waltons



The Mentalist

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