New cover for The Electrical Menagerie!

EEP! In a post already scheduled for later this month, I will share that I finally read The Electrical Menagerie by the incomparable Mollie E. Reeder (along with my mini review because reviews are not my thing). But I have to tell you, I loved it. It was really something special. Dear friendships, great adventure, comical dialogue and surprising twists await you in this book. Plus, Mollie’s prose is so capturing!

Although it is already out and available on Amazon, Mollie has decided to give it a sparkling new cover and I think it is wonderful. Just look at this GIF. My eyes are glowing. Can you see, there are even drafts of smoke along the bottom of it. The Electrical Menagerie is also available on Audiobook! I have rediscovered audiobooks this year, and have found them nice to listen to in the car.

Here’s another look at the full book cover up close!

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If you love it as much as I do, you can find Mollie on Twitter or Facebook and leave a comment for her there. 🙂