Live Bravely in 2021

I shared this post on Instagram toward the end of 2020. Since I got some great feedback from it, I thought it would be some helpful encouragement (especially for my creative friends) heading into the new year. (It has been edited a little since my initial Instagram post.) Enjoy and persevere, bravelings.


So many friends have shared with me how frustrating and difficult it is to make plans and believe in dreams in our current, constantly changing life-climate. We don't know what is safe to plan, or we are afraid to make plans because it might be too disappointing if they have to be cancelled.

This is something I'm very used to dealing with. I've had many life plans either crumble in my hands or crash before they've taken flight. I've had to flight with blood, sweat, and tears for almost every accomplishment (literally). Almost every year for the past several years has been a mixed-bag of unknowns and life-changes for me. I battle fear almost every day. I have had to learn how to move forward in spite of so much uncertainty and to persevere regardless. I learned that I was braver than I thought, so I thought I'd share some of these things that I have learned in the hopes that they will encourage you today.โ 
๐Ÿ’™Live every day to the fullest. I'm not talking about YOLO. YOLO is what people say when they do something silly or fun just for the sake of fun. I mean that you should talk to God every morning as religiously as you drink coffee, do your day job as if you're Aragorn, love your tribe as fiercely as Merlin, and pursue a dream like Sylvester Carthage. Every day, do all those things.โ 
๐Ÿ’™Be brave. Doing all the the things every day is often exhausting. If you made it to work on time today, I'm proud of you, that was brave! โ If you wrote just ten minutes today, excellent, that's a whole lot better than zero, lady.โ  One helpful hint for how to be sure you can get the most of that ten minutes is to make a list the night before, and prioritize it. And yes, sometimes it takes courage to decide which things are priority! Don't dread it, own it.
๐Ÿ’™Be still and know. Don't forget to take time in the busyness to rest and know who God is. Read, memorize, pray.โ  Take a short walk and breathe.
๐Ÿ’™Be prepared for God's plan. It can be frustrating to hear from everyone that "God has a plan for you" when you really just want to know what that plan is. I had to restructure this simple, well-meant but frustrating phrase by telling myself instead that I have to be prepared for what that plan is. I must have my oil lamp full and be diligent daily because at any moment, He may show me what that plan is. I have to be ready because at any time, God could answer a question, and I will have to choose how to respond.โ 

Friend, I know life is hard but even if all you're able to do today is light your lamp and let it shine in the darkness, do that, and do it like a boss lady. ๐Ÿ”ฅ


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